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GRAVEYARD BBQ lyrics : "Cheat On The Church"

Bless these Children
Blessed he who BBQ's
Blessed he who giveth to thee

Alright folks, I want you to take a step back
I want you to dig into those pockets for me now
i want you to dig deep for me now


I am your father

I am your priest
Your only Messiah
To say the least

So donate and give, give generously
Give all you got, GIVE IT TO ME!

I run this place, the House of God
With your new God "GRILL", your dreams fulfilled
If these walls could talk, the stories they'd tell

And if they did, I'd be in a whole lotta HELL!

So I'm close to the pope, ya know what that means

I can grab and grope and do as I please
Gone into confession, my gamblins in session
Now tell me your sins, 3 cherries I win!

I cheat on the church and embezzle with Greed
I cheat on the church and I take what I need

I cheat on the church and I do as I please
I cheat on the church, boy get down on your knees!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa