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GRAVE DIGGER : Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots) lyrics

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GRAVE DIGGER lyrics : "Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots)"

Verse One:

I grew up in the violent island of Shaolin
Fifty-five home and cease thoughts implore
When jackpot rot was hot, I was not

A rusty-ass child with tears and snots
Acquired the knowledge, how to master my thoughts
My skinny frail body couldn't $#&@ with the sports

Six feet two still wack on the court
So I stalked New York with a black pitchfork
My style date back to ninety-watt

cuttin the box, while I be clocks with no socks
Remember the days before your pants would sag
Puerto Ricans on the block just throwin up tags

Verse Two: Fruitkwan/Gatekeeper

Yo I was born with a rusty spoon as a mouthpiece
Life was hard cause the graves was my company
Hang with my problems just as trouble predicted

to cross the path, as I laugh at the vic-ted
No warmth for sure, the vents would spit average
watchin devils, fiend like a savage

Blood brothers need me call, ooh-OOH!!!
In a minute, a minute, Ghostface and all, check it
With the Grym and the Undertake

Devil's get baked I'll stiff your $$# like an eighth
Tortures and screams building up my steam
Death to whoever bumrushes through the bloodstream

Yo somethin ain't right I don't get it
I feel a vibe blood brothers are you with it
If I have to choose one or the other

Back the $#&@ up spook, yo that's my blood brother

Chorus: Too Poetic/Grym Reaper

All, all, all and together
Blood brothers, rollin together

Repeat 4X

Verse Two: Too Poetic/Grym Reaper

Back in the days of Lee's and BVD's

I grew up deceived, by wicked enemies
My lifespan began to dim in the error
When you can't even trust the man in the mirror

Now Gravedigga ^!$$%z receive my trust
and like Christ, we walk among the thieves and the !@#%s
I bring stress like skins on PMS

The street's a bloody mess, there ain't no EMF
in sight my thoughts are to leave the slums
I hustle with beats and drums not keys and guns

My feet are numb, as I walk my dogs
I cut off the fogs with the Gravedigga swords
Life parole, as me and my man is violated

Hookers are neutered and spay-ted
Snakes are decapitated, and castrated
^!$$%z is lost your whole Ark is bein raided

Shows today are hectic, ^!$$%z'll wreck %#@!
Lift off rounds and jet quick
This piece is gettin heated

Cause a rush, a stampedin
Devils are all defeated by the blood brothers


Verse Three: Fruitkwan/Gatekeeper, Ryzarector

Yeahhh, as the earth erupts
I conduct to destruct your rucks when I big up

Catastrophes are blaspheme
Pour a container of brains on your grave through a strainer
I capsize your coffin, I wreck your morphin

Breakin devils down like Steve Austin
I gotta rip on a peel for a minute
Let's get some god degree, cause a blood brother's hard to be

Power equality

Allah sees equality, follow me
Law and order but I stick it in water
Many heads got slaughtered back in Latin Quarters
Like this brother named Rick was thick but got bit
by the same mother$#&@er that he ran with

Band of the hand the Clan's my fam
Something mom duke could never understand
From the grave to the gutter
Death to another, who tries to $#&@ with my blood brothers


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