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GRANT WILLIAM BRAD GERVER lyrics : "Start The Revolution Without Me"

I wanna look you in the eye
And have you know I mean business
Plenty to talk about

For every thought I have, you're in it

I've railed and complained

And shouted to the heavens
ABout what is wrong
My God it's so depressin'

No one wants to hear about that
It's a lousy steady diet

Sure I wish change would come
It'd be so nice to try it

Our minds are so damn burdened
Livin' life one day at a time
Too freaked just to find a meal

Let someone else continue the climb

Start The Revolution without me

Cuz I'm all outa' fire
Beaten to a pulp
Even though the situation is dire

Hell yeah, I support you
But you see I'm plum wore out

Got mouths ta' feed and bills to pay
Stuck in the midst of a (*##$ of a drought

Wished I coulda' made your life better
But I'm barely doin' best as I can
Maybe what we dreamed of was, nonsense

Though to give up's more, than I can stand

So start The Rev-o-lution without me

Hope I did my part long ago
At least we built you the foundation
But there's many more miles to go

But there's many more miles to go
But there's many more miles to go.

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