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GRAND FUNK RAILROAD lyrics : "Introduction"

Emcee: Okay, it's all going to happen here in just a few minutes.
Let's try to make a lot of room by ... everybody clearing the
aisles as much as possible ... trying to make a ... a situation

here where we can run this Grand Funk set without having to

Emcee: Clear the aisles as much as possible; we'll have those
lights out this time.

Emcee: We'll be ready to go in just a couple of minutes. Would
you clear those aisles a little bit? We sure would appreciate

Mark: Hey! I'm getting a shock off this mike.

Mark: Hey, I keep getting a shock off this mike. Can you switch
the ground, Don? I know it's a hell of a rush, but I can't take
too many.

Emcee: Here's the group you've been waiting to see: Grand Funk

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