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Gorillaz lyrics : "Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach"

Gorillaz and the boss Dogg
Planet of the apes

The revolution will be televised
And the pollution from the ocean
Now with devotion

Push peace and keep it in motion

Kids, gather around

Yeah, I need your focus
I know it seems like the world is so hopeless

It's like wonderland

Now fascinate me

Picture and animate me
'Cause I'm rollin'
Deep holein'

Click clacking
Full packing

Mo' stacking
Acting a fool when I teach
Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach

Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach

Mirror mirror on the wall

Boss Dawg
Give it to 'em
Get involved

Turn it up
Speed it up
Slow it up

Underground where the under us undercut
Shipped up
Shipped out

Swimmin' with the sharks
Put my gills up
Turn the wheels up

Real tough
Drinkin' lemonade in the shade
Getting blade with a gang of prilgrims

Yeah, just like that
Belly floppin' lockin' while I'm rockin' in the bubble bath

And I'm just like math
Fozo's added up that get you more cash
So quick, so fast

All the kids say they love it when I make 'em laugh

Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa