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Gorillaz lyrics : "Deltron Zero"

Whoa.. Hey let me ask my man over here!
Hey man let me ask you a question man and c if you know what's up!

Beat this!

Who fuses the music

With no illusions
Producing the blue prints

Automator - defy the laws of nature
Electronic monolith throw a jam upon the disc
The futuristic looper with the quickness

Hyper-producin' hydrogen fusion liquids keep your distance

First we coerce your brain patterns

Collaborate with time-consumin' re-programin'
I apply the flow cannon the combo so slamin
Automically reconstruct the old canvas

His logic impress a hypnotic effect
Ya latin patent you could call it a gift
Man he all in the mix nuclear physicist

Geneticlly taylored every bit of this stimulus

Psyonically bionically forget how you feel

Especially formulated the rest of you fornicated

It takes more to make this

He juggles variables
Unparreled propulsion to carry the load
Nueral surgeon the purest virgin conducting currents

Musical merlin he shines like sterling
Watch the Automator draw laser of a higher intensity
And instantly miss a beat create a symphony

Hey I know now I know now repeat
Automator's on the planet earth

And he's gonna stop the war of the worlds
Deltron Zero is here as well take the cut for real
He told y'all evil do'ers he is

Truly gifted in the matters of rhythm
Ya you got to give him that
In his infnite wisdom you know you got to get with him

How's that?. How's that?... How did i do? is it cool? (good job!)
Was it really? (all is well with the cosmos) yhes yes .. i've got the purge of..

D.L. 3030 yhea .. YHEA!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa