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GORILLA ZOE lyrics : "Waddle"

[Gorilla Zoe:]
Can't talk about money
That ain't really fair

He talkin to his girl
But she lookin over here
Smokin on his mid

And hes drinkin him a beer
Bubbas got a blunt
Put some cushin in tha ear

And I'm like pass me a ball
On which your girl man I'm feelin to pull em all

Lady man shouta I'm a young dun dodda
Them thangs on my waist
So I walk with a waddle

I walk with a waddle

Walk with a waddle [x2]
My jeans hang low cause my pockets fulla guapa
My chain hang low cause my ice fulla water

I walk with a waddle
I walk with a waddle
A whole lot a struggle

I'm a young dun dodda
I walk with a waddle
I walk with a waddle

See us in the spot
We don't dance we just waddle
Walk with a waddle

Walk with a waddle

[Gorilla Zoe:]

Get in it (*##$ I walk
Cut it like a schwag
I walk around with 20 grand in the gucci bag

All my ^!$$%s G's
Ya'll just hella fat
We move em by the three's

Now just sell em back
I been gettin rich
I heard you ^!$$%s mad

I heard you ^!$$%s broke
I heard you down bad
You need to work it out

Gon to your gym coach
We been workin out
Droppin off them gym bags


[Gucci Mane:]
I'm stayin countin gualas while I walk into the kitchen
My rang and my watch show my necklace I was trippin

I hit em with a holla
I'm down for a shot a
I walk it like I talk it gucci actin like a balla

My iced out doggies same size as a yorkie
But if you touch this dog tho the owner start barkin
I'm hood a then your boyfriend

Richer then your husband
Wabble with the bottle
Man it's a lot of scolops man


[Gucci Mane:]
Yuuuuuurm it's borin
Block wake us up it's no cunt (*##$ snorin

Six rings on you can call us robert orin
Still bust supremes down [? ]

[Gorilla Zoe:]
Yeah we on the block still lotterin
Brought the A down from west side at the marlin

Catch us in the club it ain't rainin it's pourin
When we leave the club it's where the (*##$es [? ]


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