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GORILLA ZOE lyrics : "Take Ya Shoes Off"

(feat. Yung Joc)


Block Ent.
(Yung Joc)
Next up to bat, the boy Zoe

Gorilla that is
Hey Block, we found another one

[Chorus: Yung Joc]
AC (full), suicide (do's)
Grill out (pipe), sittin' on fo's

%#@! so clean ^!$$% take ya shoes off
Take ya shoes off, take ya shoes off
Mink seats bucket (bucket), Suede on the roof (roof)

Touch one button (button), the mother$#[email protected] poof (poof)
%#@! so clean ^!$$% take ya shoes off
Take ya shoes off, take ya shoes off

[Verse 1: Gorilla Zoe]
Tat 24, suicide do's

Lookin' at my car yeah that's Gorilla Zoe
Sittin' up high, beatin' down low
502's, ready set go

Gorilla 'round my neck, gorilla in the trunk
20 on my wrist, 40 on the dunk
10 on the paint, 12 on the shoes

4 15's make the whole block move
Yeah the paint's candy but it ain't sweet
AR-15's on the passanger seat

100 grand in the trunk, what I made last week
Gettin' money lil shorty brought E-N-T (yeah)


[Verse 2: Yung Joc]

When it's cold outside keep the ostrich seats heated
Got a cutter in the back like a seally postapedic
Oh yeah, one thing you gon' have to get

A fitted with the first letter of the alphabet (EYY)
Ey, her head game right
Got a 442 with the flow master pipes

I draw attention, like I'm Picasso
26, big wheels, damn that's colasso
Fresh button flip screens, I know you see it

Fish bowl high beams, I know you see it
A/C on ice cream, I know you see it
When I pull up ya hoe scream, I know you see it


[Verse 3: Gorilla Zoe]
I wake up in the mornin' still drunk from last night
The Chevy catch flight like a multi-colored kite

??? paint, baby girl have a bite
Say she only like girls, me too, we both [email protected]()s
Mink on my back (back) mink on the seats

Mink on the floor take the shoes off ya feet
The whip go topless my Chevy's a stripper
Got another just like her I'm in love with sisters

454 all chrome goin A-WAL
Igloo AC, blowin' snowballs
Step in the light, my rims don't pause

Bedford on the break I had to take my shoes off


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