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GORILLA ZOE lyrics : "Purple Drink"

You can't change hommie dats why you ^!$$%s fallin off all you rap ^!$$%s fallin off I'm still hood ^!$$%
I'm still on da block JOOG MUSIC

Purple drank n my sprite purp n my blunt got me high as a kite I'm jus livin my life

N I got 3's on da coupe 8's on da trunk a down $$# (*##$ with a apple bottom butt
(WATS UP) [x8]

I look like money I smell like money talk like money all da hoes whip me down like ZOOM
My convertiables a clown all kinda of different colors yellow white red brown
I'm a block boi ^!$$% I $$#emble with da white kept da J's on me puttin soemthnig n da pipe

See me n da club I be high as a kite I be feelin ya girl somethin like ya wife
Wait n till I get my money right I do I do so I'm living da good live a buy you a drank purple bartener like
Hahaha %#@!t I get dat for free menage a three u heard me pop me a feen n watch me superman dat hoe

N da club $#[email protected] up ridin something foregin (*##$es still callin but you kno I'm still pourin


[Jody Breeze:]
Hey them hoes choose a real ^!$$% slide thro I'm n da ol skoo devele sky blue

Four tv's n da headrest tryna take dess u got hell met I got a chevy too clean with da 4's on it
I spent 35 jus for da does on it ya we work hard for the money when works off I can make it hard for ya homie, homie
Ya n I'm still on da cona still gettin da work in way from arizonia ^!$$% on da block with da hen n corona nebody violatin he's a gonna

He ain't sayin %#@! if he ain't talkin bout paper nething else we can talk about lata holla at me n wat I'm sippn got me n da zone we blow kush ova hear wat u smokin on


Eights on da chevy 3's on da coupe ain't hard to fit with a bottle grey goose smokin on fruit my lifes so true

Young true man middle finger all blue stacks on deck ask yo (*##$ wat it dew rolex workin with my wrist like ooh, ooh
[email protected][email protected] dunks said four times two where a stupid color changes n we call it fruit loop outa town (*##$ call me
My apple bottom boo I'm gettin money five figures times two 71 chevele paintd red white n blue only day put ya (*##$ shantel we n da juice

Gorilla zoe Jody Breeze n young juice we been gettin money $#[email protected] ^!$$% wat it dew know a bad jack all iced out too wats up juice wastup juice


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