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GORILLA ZOE lyrics : "Paper"

(feat. Durty Boyz)


Pay pay pay pay paper
I can get your cush if you got the right paper I can get your pacs or the pills for the paper
I can get your bricks of that white for the paper

shawty I can change your whole life for that paper yeah

[Verse 1:]

Paper ain't an issue ive been gettin money
Iv done moved them pacs weather rain sleet or sunny
I drop it in the pot it jump out

Like a bunny my recipe is funny turn them into zombies a little bit of this a little bit of that I hit it with a razor
And I throw it in the sack you can call it ready rock and you can call it crack but
Whatever that you call it best beleive it's coming back

Cush for the, pills for tha, paper, paper paper paper paper rob for the, we go hard for the, paper.

Steal for the, kill for the, but I will get the paper paper
Hustle for the, grind for the, paper paper

[Verse 2:]
run up in the house for the paper stick the pistol dead up in ya mouth for that paper
Yeah I'll tie your $$# to the couch for the paper @@#! it back and blow your brains out

For that paper paper

[Verse 3:]

Make a ^!$$% holla about that mighty dollar 223 in my impala choppin through some shooter and bullets the size of baby powder throw him in the trunk and drop his $$# of in that water theyll never find you, ya $$# gone float across that boader Hold up coma down there with peranas I do it for the paper get up or youre GONNER
I'm all about that mona and I ain't talkin lisa what the $#[email protected] you talkin bout (*##$ I'm talkin
Bout that paper

Block boyz it's all about that paper ha ha

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