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GORILLA ZOE lyrics : "Get Money"

(feat. Lil' Wayne)

Let me do wat I came to did

I'm $#[email protected] money cus I came with it
$#[email protected] da rulers lil wayne 2 big
I luv da rumors it mean wayne 2 big

And I get brain like a anuriz-um
I'm da creme of da creme
I tend 2 offend

Da one of one
U can get shot by da son of a gun
If u snitch my purpose is 2 have your tung

And mail it 2 ya mom
Along with a bomb
Boom I'm

I'm so kadam
I'm so osam barak-obam
I ain't got no time if it ain't bout cake

Dats all I eat cus dats all I ate
And I keep a sweet tooth cus I got a tooth ache
A dab of cocaine to da pain rite away

Oops more den a dab say yo to da yay
Yo now I can't feel my face
Go and get da big wheels wet paint

And I act like my %#@! don't stank
Dat bank dat bank
Tell da bank I'm on my way

I'm on da highway gettin chased
I get it
And u best hide it

Cus if I spot it
I got it I got it

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