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GORE OF WAR lyrics : "Torturing The Meretrix"

The holiness submitted the prostitution
Thousands women are captured and tortured
To consacrate their souls and desecrate their flesh

They'll never find the freedom, they will never come back

You are dragged on a public place

The excited crowd stones your $#[email protected] face
Bounded upon the wheel they break your limbs
Their $#[email protected] satisfation is your misery

During your $#[email protected] starvation
Thery rape your $#[email protected] body with oral penetration

Fist$#[email protected] through "the pear" they stave your womb
Slumped among their### your sweat and gore

Pain and atrocities will persist
Smashing your $#[email protected] ribcage, you can't resist
Conception of yourself is awfully scary

They rule this $#[email protected] age, you must face this $#[email protected] ending

Leading to the stake, near the countryside

The stench of burning bodies as an awful genocide
Burning through the hell's fire
This is our desire

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