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GOODIE MOB FT. JANELLE MONAE lyrics : "Special Education"

[Verse 1: Big Gipp]
They call him Gipp saga
It's the mutant, mister get down

Live wire, words poke you like barbwire
Maroon Range, sugar cane, oil stains
My right leg longer than my left foot

Put stripes next to squares, still peel the circle
See spirits off of people, I don't see color
I'm a special mind, yeah, a special kind

Conceived in the South at a special time
Covered in leaves of gold
Scripture written in scrolls

Spoken so clearly in tongues
So my children would come
Look around

Can't you see
The industry: they look like me

[Hook: Janelle Monae]
I don't wear the clothes you wear
I'm just different and I don't care

It's kind of sad and it's a shame
Everyone wants to be the same
If you are listening here and now

I'm sure I can show you how
It's okay to be afraid
Don't you want to be special

[Verse 2: Khujo]
I'm so special, boy

Try to went(?) stupid, dawg
I eat nuclear waste and spit atomic bombs
Plutonium explodes, that's my trademark

Mushroom clouds inside, call 'em brain farts
Gamma rays torch my system, now I'm going green
G-force in my veins, pump hydrozine

KT, 13, a microphone beam
Cosmic juggernaut, extraterrestrial being
Reign supreme, once conceived, boy, they broke the mold

All this glory-seeking is getting totally outta control
No one's original, Attack of the Clones
Invasion of the swagger-snatchers

Aim for the dome


[Verse 3: Cee-Lo]
Scientists stood around in silence as I was being born

Was I quote, unquote special or was there something wrong
My skin was black, my heart was gold, and my tongue was silver
And the fact that I could talk already, that was a thriller

And I fear what I don't understand, so let me warn you
Especially when ^!$$% make too much noise about being normal
Unusual but beautiful, the bondin' blessing

Summa### Laude, School of Exceptional Youth
Let me put something poetic into plain English

I'd rather die than to not be distinguished
The outsiders have no desires to be equal
When V.I.P. stands for ?Very Insecure People?


[Verse 4: T-Mo]
Heavyweight in the game, T tip the scale

I travel over the world back to ATL
I'm friends with the mayor, I'm a truthsayer
A crusader, a natural-born raider

I need a deejayer to be the illustrator
Let's get the dollar signs
I said my Gucci rhymes

I think it's tea time
Don't need a co-sign
T-Mo is on the grind, he about to let it shine

Off in the skyline, don't worry 'bout mine
I can handle lies and watching third eyes
I make 'em go blind, I don't deserve to rhyme


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