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Good Clean Fun lyrics : "V.R.S."

Back in the day in the '80s when the
old bands would play (old school)
They managed O.K. They did fine

Although they never got paid (that's cool)
50 cent shows, no cars we walked
Both ways through the snow (up hill)

That's how it should go, but you're too busy
Counting your dough (each bill)

If you want to be punk, if you want to be cool
Don't forget the golden rule
Stay underground, you must stay poor

Don't grow up and don't ask for more

You live for the green, dead presidents

Are destroying our scene (money)
You know what I mean, you pay your rent
By selling the dream (for me)

No Individual Retirement Account
Forget you and your 401K (wall street)
I'm gonna stay as poor

As I am today (can't eat)

You can't be punk if you don't care that dollar signs are everywhere

It seems like everyone's on Victory
But I will give away all that's mine, and we won't make another dime
Money changes everything, you see

But I won't let it change me.

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