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Good Clean Fun lyrics : "The Myspace Song"

Paula came from DC,
She was a whole lot like me,
She grew up on Star Wars

We went to shows in the park,
Professed our love in the dark,
Roadtrips and hardcore

It was according to plan,
We were like Lloyd and Diane,
Two hearts in the same place

Then you know what she did,
She met an Internet kid,
They fell in love on MySpace

I know that websites don't kill,
But sometimes they will

Sometimes they will break hearts
I know that I'm an adult,
But Tom it's your fault

You created a monster

Dave didn't know what to do,

Yeah he was Tom's victim too,
Sheila left him last week
Now he is all doom and gloom,

He won't come out of his room,
The Neighbors hear Morrissey
Heartbreak has it's appeal,

I know how emo kids feel,
But that is not for me
I wrote one sad quiet song,

And we can all sing along,
But we will stay posi

Now he sits in the darkness as events recur
She sits in the light of the monitor
And he knows he's lost her by her demeanor

Internet grass is always greener

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