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Good Clean Fun lyrics : "My Best Friends"

I love Annie and Amy and Emily,
I hope every lesbian learns to play guitar,
But when it comes to special rights like family,

I think marriage goes a bit too far.

We're pushing and pushing,

Still never forget,
True equality, it hasn't happened yet,
But don't point your finger at me,

Take a look at my friends and you'll see.

Stereotypes aren't for me,

But I never said life was fair,
Diversity makes us all free,
And somebody needs to cut hair.

Look, I am a liberal guy,
I wear a ribbon, no one deserves to die,

You can tell I don't support the status quo,
Because â??Ellenâ? is my favorite show,
My middle name is equal rights,

I'll talk the talk while you fight the fight,
I say I'm down but that's where it ends,
But I'm okay just look at my best friends.

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