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Good Clean Fun lyrics : "A Song For The Ladies"

Don't settle for second best, don't follow all the rest
You say you want the same things well let's put it to the test
Because talk is so cheap when you are screaming at a wall

And it is really hard to hear when you're the loudest of them all
If you want to change the world, quit all your yapping
If we don't start it here, well then it's never going to happen

There is evil in this world but it begins right at home
So let's clean house, then let's cast the first stone

You think equal rights means equal hits
(We're sick of all your tough guy %#@!)
As you leave the show with the people you've hurt

(You wonder where you left your shirt)
Your a big tough guy and your dance moves are great
(Strong as an ox, dumber then slate)

Your new tattoos they look first rate
(You wonder why you can't get a date)

Sexism sucks! It didn't end in the 80's
And hardcore still needs another song for the ladies
Girlfriends are great, please don't get me wrong

But it's time to put down that coat and come sing along
Because I can't hear your voice from the back of the crowd
Move to the front, and shout it out loud

Keep your eyes on the prize, you know what I mean
If we can't change the world, then let's change the scene

Second class kids in the scene where we all live
I'm angry as hell, but I still stay positive
We'll fight this fight and I know we can do it

If there's a wall in our way, just watch us go through it
Because it's time to realize that we're all in the same boat
If you think you're so tough, then here, hold your own coat

Get it through your head that I don't want your chivalry
Get it through your head: I'm not here for you to $#[email protected] me
Times have changed, but you would never know

Not from looking at the people and their places at a show
So raise your voice, join the struggle for equality
My dream for the scene, one word: UNITY!

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