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GOOD CHARLOTTE lyrics : "Dance Floor Anthem"

Shes going out to forget they were together
All that time he was taken her granted
She wants to see if theres more than he gave, shes lookin

He calls her up hes trippin' on the phone now
He doesn't want her out there and alone now

Knows shes moving it, knows shes using it
Now he's losing it and she dont care

Everybody put your hands up say, I don't wanna be in
Feel the beat now if you got nothing left say I dont wanna be in

Don't give up now, you got a reason to live say, I
don't wanna be in love

Feeling good now, don't be afraid to get down say, I
don't wanna be in love

He was always giving her attention
Working hard to buy the things she mentioned
He was dedicated by most suckers hated

That girl was fine but she didn't appreciate him
She calls him up, shes trippin on the phone now
He had to get out and he ain't coming home now

Now lets try to forget it that's how he got with her
When he first met her and when they first got together


To the beat , to the beat, to the beat, you got nothing to lose

don't be afraid to get down
We break up, its something that we do now,
Everyon has got to do it sometime

Its ok, let it go, get out there and find someone (some more)
Its too late to be trippin on the phone here
Get off the wire everything is good here

Stop what you are doingyou don't wanna ruin the sex that
you got to find a new one


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