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Goldfinger lyrics : "Only A Day"

As i look outside
I can see the rain about to start
The air is damp but warm

And i remember how you used to feel
And i see your face
My cold reflection scares me at this hour

How i wish i could sleep
If only i could slow my mind a bit

Then when i see you i forget the pain
And melt away with you
Only a day has passed and i can't help

But feel that i've lost you
Your room confines my thoughts
And then my worries drift when i'm with you

But i don't want to leave
I never know just when we'll meet again

What is it that feeds this
Haven't i learned enough from yesterday
I really don't need this

Haven't i had enough of this today
Then i sit at home
My walls reflect how my life is so bleak

And i feel so alone
I break down and call you cause i'm weak
If i could see what you are

If i could blow away my clouded sight
Your lies they made me a fool
If i mean nothing what else can i say

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