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Goldfinger lyrics : "I Need To Know"

I run away cause I'm
scared that you might leave
there's nothing wrong

but that's not what I believe
just tell me it's alright
and tell me I'm okay

and tell me that you're
staying here tonight

I feel stupid saying
words you've heard before
the way I feel today

is all I know for sure
and if I scare you
I'm only scaring me

I've got so much to say
why won't you speak with me
I need to know

what you're feeling
do you feel like I do

let's talk about everything
I want to share my life with you
and tell me that you feel

the way I feel with you
and tell me that
you love me like I do

you're in my life
well I want to be sure

I'm not wasting time
I've been through this before

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