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GODS TOWER lyrics : "When Life Ends"

When life ends
Take me away into your land
Where I shall get life again

I'll be living after death
When life ends
Show me the way into your land

And I'll come to see the place
Of my sepulchral inhabitance
Now I wait

When my soul will separate
From the body to the Gates
Of your Empyrial Reign

When life ends
I submiss you with all my heart
My life ends and now I start

To confess you God of dark
Now I see the face of God of dead
And I hear his voice

Now he tells me of forthcomin' death
And my time has come
Soul prepares to leave my cell

Soon I'll see the world
Of Eternal Life
I will see the Gods

There I'll taste the wine of aeon
There I'll see the lakes
Of the liquid fire

My flesh will burn in flames
And my soul will separate
Now I see the face of God of dead

When my life will end
Welcome to my burial...
All my life I was pain

Now you'll take my soul away
Now I'm dying but I smile
Yes I know this time is mine

All my friends has come to see as I die
Now my fathers are Judges of my life
Now my soul's preparing to fly far away

And I shall never return to home again
Into the forest my flesh now will be taken
At the holy holocaust to soul's awakening

Now I shall burn in the cleansing fire
My life ends and I'll get higher
I'm inviting you welcome to my burial

Now the shapes of my ancestors are real
Now I'm making the last flight over
My life ends but my way is not over

When life ends
Welcome to my burial
Now I see in infra red

Man can't realize the land
Where I live now when I'm dead

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa