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Gods Reflex lyrics : "Or Ever Be Lonely"

it's not so hard to hit the ones you say you care for
no it's not a habit just a way to kill my free time
when kissed back to sleep the plastic one awakens

just to kill the one you knew
and if your muscles hurt when you stand it's not your time to sit
i'll help you up

and if your eyes burn when you turn around dont sew them shut, look on wide-eyed
flat stripped enamel this was not the finish i had hoped for
empty out it's full again i'll hold it for you while you blow it

tag along until it doesnt hurt but dont forget that it's a rough ride
and there comes a time for me to say tha ti am sorry well i'm sorry

there it's said, but so what?
what good is regret when i'm the only one who feels it?
i'll hurt for you although you'd never know

but the best part of these secret apologies there's always a chance someone heard

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