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Go Radio : Singing With The King lyrics

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Go Radio lyrics : "Singing With The King"

Don't take another day away from me
Cause I don't got many as it stands
Here on the rooftop screaming like the world stopped

Another cigarette for both of us hold my hand
I'll take us both to the top of the world if I can

Cause mama it's ok, tonight I'm going to sing with Elvis
And we will sing a couple songs just for your ears so sing along and hey
If I go down in the quicksand don't grab my hand

Just play me as loud as you can
Cause tonight I'm singing with

And daddy's sitting in the corner with Cash when Mr. Moon picks up the beat
I hear the sound of someone warming the strat while they wait for me
And Freddie says that I can stay, that I don't have to be afraid this time

The angels filling up the place and Carly's walking she's the first in line

Remember the days we thought we were golden and that all these nights were ours

Remember my face, remember the rooftops
Do you remember the stage, when all of it's broken not to show your favorite scars
A smile on your face, we'll count only our stars

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