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GLORIA ESTEFAN lyrics : "In The Meantime"

Take a little breather
Figure out the reasons that you stopped believing
Save me your caresses

Go clear up the confusion that your face confesses
Travel around the sun

Chorus: And in the meantime
Call me only with your silence
Leave stranded on this island

Go without me on your pillow, on your skin
And in the meantime
Disbelieve in your suspicions

Reconsider your position, your desires
On your lips only my name that you will whisper
Then remember

Take all the time that you need
I'll be waiting every moment
In the meantime

Take a little breather
Perhaps you think,in love, the grass is always greener

Set free your excesses
I hope you find the courage that your faith professes
To travel 'round the sun

And when my teardrops
Melt away within your laughter

Till you find what you are after
If our paths cross down the line
Just pretend that you don't see me

That I'm new to your existence
If we're meant to go the distance
There's no test we can't survive...Chorus

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa