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GLORIA ESTEFAN lyrics : "If We Were Lovers"

One day soon
It's gonna happen just by chance
You and I

Will just succumb to this romance
On that day
My love will find you

And you'll discover
What a wonder life can be
And you will know

How much i love you
If We Were Lovers
If we were more than just good friends

I know how good it could be
Just by the way you're looking at me
As if we were lovers

If We Were Lovers
I've waited so long for that day
I think you feel the same way

You try so hard not to give it away
Afraid that i'll discover
What in your heart you know

Is meant to be
But darlin if you want it

To be me
To be the one to say
I want you

Then i'm telling you now
Gonna find a way somehow
To be your lover

To spend the whole night

Making love

Then find it's never enough
Just think what we are giving up
Every day that we're not lovers

Few times in our loves
Can we feel this way

It would be a shame
Just to throw it away
Time is slipping by

We don't know what's ahead
I don't want to look back
And have any regrets

How much i love you

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