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GLENN HUGHES : The Truth Will Set Me Free lyrics

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GLENN HUGHES lyrics : "The Truth Will Set Me Free"

In a scarlet vision
In a velvet room
I come to my decision

On a dog day afternoon
I'm breaking my tradition
I think I realize

I walk on gilded splinters
I have shaken my disguise

I'm not looking for confrontation
I'm not looking for sympathy
I'm not looking for aggravation

The truth will set me free

I need somebody to push me

I need some gravity
I need to kiss the sun
The truth will set me free

Set me free

Take a trip to freedom

My wisdom is my guide
The world just keep turnin'
From the spirit deep inside

I can't be no saviour

I just wanna be

In my darkest
The truth will set me free

I'm not looking for moderation
I'm not looking for charity
I'm not looking for admiration

The truth will set me free
I need a good relation
I need a Tibetan faith

The truth will set me free

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