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GLENN HUGHES : Justified Man lyrics

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GLENN HUGHES lyrics : "Justified Man"

Down by the beggar's wall
There is another land
This is the place. I come to set me free

Just like a fighting man lost in a river
I didn't notice I was blind but now I see
They took a photograph

They heard my story
And then the jury tried and sentenced me
And now I'm sanctified, without resistance

I left my body. And I'm gonna let it be
Now I'm standin' on the platform
At the station

I hear the engine of the train
That takes me there
I ain't lookin' back,

Until I reach my destination
Nobody gonna bring me down
I'm a justified man

Inside the hour glass,
The sand keeps turnin'
Outside my window, falls the rain

That washes me
Gone is my fear, need no $$#istance
And now I'm justified,

Those days are gone you see
I've been livin' in war of speculation
I stand accused but I ain't goin' anywhere

I ain't lookin' back
Until I reach my destination

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