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Glen Campbell : Any Which Way You Can lyrics

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Glen Campbell lyrics : "Any Which Way You Can"

Its hard for a back street affair to be easy
For each hour of happiness theres two hours of pain
We meet in the shadows because all that matters

Spending the night with you once again.
You leave with a promise youll call me tomorrow
But I never know when the next time will be

And each time you leave me I cant help but wonder
For tonight the last night for me-- for me

Any which way you can
Just love me any which way you can

My loves not the choking kind
Youve got your life and Ive got mine
So if you can ever be free

Darling Ill understand
But when youre laying next to me
Just love me any which way you can

Now youre on your way home
And Im all alone

Im feeling
Its so hard to be strong
When I know I belong in -your arms- but Im lying here lonely instead


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