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Glee lyrics : "AS LONG AS YOU'RE THERE"

As Long As You're There Lyrics

all my life

i've waited for the right
moment to let you know
i dont wanna let you go oh

now i realize
there's just no perfect time
to confess how i feel

this much i know is real
so i refuse to
waste one more second without you

knowing my heart


baby cause i dont
need anything else but your love

nothing but you means a thing to me
i'm incomplete
when you're not there

holding me touching me elsewhere
how long the risk could just dissapear

and i will not even care
as long as you're there
take this word

dont let them go unheard
this is me reaching out
i hope you can hear me now

this pain in my heart stands stay
taking is yours to break
having to try and lose

then keep this love from you
so i refuse to
waste one more second

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