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Girls Can't Catch : Echo lyrics

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Girls Can't Catch lyrics : "Echo"

Did you honestly think that this is all it takes?
To be my boyfriend?. cant you hear my heart break?
Cant you tell how your silence, is making me feel

When you're always away even though you're right here

Everytime that I try to discuss whats going on

Everytime that you don't want to tell me what is wrong

Feels like I keep giving all to you

But I never get anything back
Feels like I keep calling out for you
But you're never there to answer me back

Chorus x2
All I hear is my echo, echo, echo

Echo, echo, echo
Echo, echo, echo, oh oh

I'm running out of air and out of things say, umm
I don't wanna give up but this not ok

Everytime that you're turning you're back to me in bed
Everytime that I cant figure out whats in your head

Feels like I keep giving all to you
But I never get anything back

Chorus x2
Why don't you put all your cards on the table
Cant read your mind I'm just not able

To keep a smile when it feels like you're letting go
Don't wanna keep on tossing and turning
In my bed because my heart is churning

For a sign that I'm really not on my own

Chorus to fade

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