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GIRLS ALOUD lyrics : "Hear That Ring"

You got your hair tied up,
Your skirt pulled high
And your corset top

And it's looking pretty fly
Bangles and bracelets
See if they know

Cos when you sing out your hits
It starts up the show

When you shake your thing
And the whole world sings
You forget one thing

You ain't never gonna hear my ring
Ain't never gonna hear that ring

And the bass line sharp
Listen to that thing
Got the acoustic and the soft harp

And the little bird sings


(I,I, and I)
Never going ever hear that ring
(Cause I, and I and I)

Never gonna do their thing

Ripping up electric

(Sound of the wires)
Sond pouring out sing
(Glitter and flyers)

(sound of the wires)

Never gonna hear that ring
(glitter and flyers)
Never gonna do their thing

Repeat till fade

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