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GIRLS ALOUD lyrics : "Don't Ask For Forever"

When I see you looking at me
I know that I can be strong, ooh
Cos whenever you come my way

I used to never know what to do


I used to wish that someone would help me fight,
Help me find my way
But all I know now that your love

Made me find my day, hey


And now I know
You shouldn't ask for forever boy
Cos now I know

It's right that we're together and now
I think that I follow my dreams
Since you, you came

And now you know how to guide me
"Everyone's perfect" but that's all wrong

And when you came my way
I couldn't help but to be blown away, yeah yeah



Cos I was
Lost but now I'm found

My feet firmly on the ground
Never knew what was inside
Until, until yeah yeah yeah

Chorus until fade

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