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GIRLS ALOUD lyrics : "Am I Reached"

Summer nights and city lights
Coming over me
As I dance the night away

It just comes natrually


Dreaming of you
Thinking of you
It's like I can almost see you

Right here, and right now
There's something magical
Something beautiful

But when I think

I know that you're no good
You lie to get your way
And you're no friend of mine

SO don't come near me when you see me near
And don't listen to me when you hear me cheer

Oh baby just leave me I'm not gonna love you
I don't really care who
Who sees


Never forgetting you but not today
Just waiting here

No price to pay
And when I sleep, when I dream
And you're here

Never want you near
Don't understand what you have
With me, just hopeless jave

Am I reached oh baby now


(Am I reached)
Never forgetting you
(Am I reached)

No price to pay
(Am I reached)
Cos baby I'm here to stay

Repeat to fade

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