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GILL GRAFF lyrics : "Falling Down"

Rain is falling down to me
Falling down as silent cry

[Gill Graff]
Will I endure the hardships, balled fist

Plan to leave my name imprinted in this game with no cartridge
You against me is some nonsense, squash it
You're bound to get hit, an amputee in a mosh pit

Fam first monster, yeah we all bosses
Put a price on your head, don't matter what the cost is
Watch what you say, there's a line and once you cross it

You'll find this aint no regular game, you can't pause it
Gill Graff the outlier, bring terror al-Qaida
If you're feeling gassed up, about to start a house fire

This for the non-believers, who labeled me an under achiever
But I'm hot, I'm an under fever, look
Non-conformant with myself but is it greed?

If I don't strive for more how I'm I suppose to exceed
I want to raise my seed in the lap of luxury
And if u $#[email protected] with me, you will get punched for free, ^!$$%

I got old friends who want to call me now

New non-believers want to slow me down
A few of my people want to calm me down
Because I was being kicked when I was falling down

And then I rose
From all the lows
Found a way out when there was nowhere to go

And then I rose
From all the lows
Climbed my way up, hanging on to the ropes

[Gill Graff]
With every song written, I'm dealing with persuasion

I'm tired of waiting but a power principle is patience
I can't be around y'all, they wish I meet my $#[email protected] down fall
because that's the only way, they will crown y'all

I broke the patterns of the past, the cloudy vision is gone
Unless is home grown sour diesel that's blown
I'm ready for these obstacle, I played oracle

If my girl is in the way of my dreams she got to go
I take what's mine like I pulled up with hammers on me
I need money for the pulls up and pamper homie

I'm the underdog, raps rocky
These new rappers get fame with the ice, like they're playing hockey
I need scratches by an ill disc jockey, humble but appear @@#!y

They cannot stop me
They want to play games I know I play better
Catch them while they're apologizing, Floyd Mayweather


[Gill Graff]
Try to envision me being the greatest
My alias, written in a list while judges debate it

That's why I'm up Late night bumping instrumentals
Now these (*##$es come around, how coincidental
The whip look like an exotic rental

They say it's smoking fresh like cigarette menthols
I Guess that's why they're approaching me first
They was breaking neck like driving in reverse

I aint got to deal with that when I backup fam
Because when I'm driving in reverse, I see a backup cam
I stopped giving a $#[email protected] how you view me

I made a gang in my pocket now I got a few g's
Convey messages making us think
It seems like we're all going extinct

I love big rims, nice whips, weed money and drinks
But its dope when you spit something distinct
Think about it


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