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Oh, every time I pass you I'm
Inclined to look away
I don't know why, but some day

I will turn my head and say
Excuse me miss, but this glove is
It the one that you've just dropped

And you'll reply by saying "of course"
Or in as many words "get lost"

I've never been successful
I mean with girls of my own age
They like the food and the wines I choose

But after that I'm afraid
That in the art of making love
I'm really so naive it's not true

I usually pretend I'm too tired
And then fall asleep as proof

And by the sound of things
It looks as though I'm doomed
To spend the rest of my life living in one room

Dreaming of how one cold and windy night quite cooly
Sophia Loren seduced me

My name is John, I'm twenty one
I drive a Ford Cortina estate
If you'd care to join me in my room

I'll show you my license plate

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa