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GILBERT O'SULLIVAN lyrics : "I'm Not Too Young"

I'm not too young to fall in love
I'm not too young to smoke
I'm not too young to defend myself

If ever I'm provoked
I'm not too young you mark my words
To be left on the shelf

I'm not too young I'm over one
Next year I will be twelve
I'm not as daft as one might think

If one's the word to use
For why not instead of one
Must mustn't one instead use two's

I won't say that it makes it any easier
But still it goes to show
That one can do what one must do

With two's or three's or four's

And while we're on the subject

Let me say that for a start
Although I failed my eleven plus
I really did try hard

And I've come to this conclusion
Right or wrong abut exams
You pass only because your memory

Failed to go blank

I'm not too young to pay the price

For things I didn't do
I'm not too young they tell me
So I guess it must be true

I'm not too young to cry out loud
In northern Ireland name
I'm not too young I'm everyone

A bomb has ever maimed

And by and large it's true to say

That even as we speak
A child not out in Africa
But believe it or not here

Is learning what it feels like
To exist without much food
And waits in what he calls his home

To be forcibly removed

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