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Giggs lyrics : "Uummm!!"

[Talking: Joe Grind]
Yo, Hollowman...
These brehs are talking like... this album here is a myth or something. {Laughs}

They heard Hollow Meets Blade... they got excited on that, you get me?
They heard 'Ard Bodied', nearly had a heart attack on that one.
Man ain't even trying in this ting... {Kisses teeth}

People have to realise, fam...
That for us... It's just a walk in the park...

[Verse 1: Giggs]
^!$$%s wanna talk like I'm past it,
'Cause I took long to start this, like I can't spit.

Like I ain't been making hard hit after hard hit,
So I think it's time for that walk in the park %#@!. (Ooooooh...)
Woolly hood, that's the hardest.

Sitting down inside my parked whip, banging hard Fix. (Yeah! )
Hollow meets Blade and that 'Ard %#@!,
Came up from the dirt like a parsnip.

Y.G. rolled up, looking sharpish,
'08 plate R6, I'm like "arghh %#@!! "
Our bits ain't the part which you should start %#@!,

Ours click, empty cartridge, you can ask Smidge. (Uummm! )
You can ask Dits.
Spend touch him in the foot, make his arse limp.

And I'm on a mad one, 'cause I'm half skint,
Got a hand full of rocks right behind my cars tint. (Gheez! )
Park quick, there's an art's whip.

Pulled up into the McD's, got a large drink.
Past him in the car park and I asked him:
"If you got the light lined up, and the dark in? " (Ha ha! )


(Yeah! )

(Yeah! )

(Yeah! )
(Yeah! )

(Yeah! )

(Yeah! )
(Yeah! )

[Talking: Joe Grind]

You know what's strange though?
Back in the day was making mixtapes and that,
People were telling us to pay them to make a tune with us, fam.

But now my phone won't stop ringing. {Kisses teeth} ($#[email protected] 'Em! )
Giggs... take them back to them days there, man.
$#[email protected]! (Aarhhhh...)

[Verse 2: Giggs]
Popped up and I barged in,

First we were getting blackballed on a 'Narm ting.
Gave up a couple times, still. Like I can't win,
Now, everybody's eyeballs on my dark skin. (Ha ha! )

Chicks gasping, laughing and they're asking: (Whoo! )
"When's the next video shoot? " "When's the casting? " (Yeah! )
^!$$%s that didn't wanna know want a part in our ting,

Now they're lurking round like a fart's wind! (Ooooooh...)
Charged into some far ting, in some dark tings,
Dark ting came and asked why, I ain't dancing.

Asking questions about Spend, told her "Ask him! "
But you know that ^!$$%'s got spots like giraffe's skin. (Ha! ) (Gheez! )
Jump into the deep end, when you can't swim.

I jumped in, crept up, like a shark's fin. (Yes! ) (Ha! )
And you ^!$$%s' barrel don't spin, like a parked rim.
So, I turn the heat up on ^!$$%s, like a draught's in. (Ooooooh...)

Oh yes, one last thing,
When you ^!$$%s talk about bells, know that ours ring. (Ring! )
When you ^!$$%s talk about hell, that's the place that I dwell,
So the stories I tell, I put my heart in!


[Talking: Joe Grind]
So, what you sayin'?
The 'Narm's happy. London's happy. The whole of $#[email protected] England should be happy!

You get me?
Giggs! aka Hollowman.
{Kisses teeth} It's a walk in the park...

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