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Giggs lyrics : "Rat-A-Tat-Tat"

[Intro: Giggs]

SN1 from top to bottom. (Yeah)
Oi Kyze warm it up for me fam.

[Verse 1:Kyze]
When I catch you in the ends I'm gonna rip you up,

When I catch you in the dance I'm gonna kick you up,
When I run up in your house it's best you give it up,
When I'm feelin low ridin gets me spirit up

^!$$%s think they know Kyze but they don't know nuttin,
Hurry get the suttin turn em into curry mutton,
Tried to pinch some guys,

Missed a couple times,
Had to slap myself- someone needs to $#[email protected] die,
All I've been thinkin about is money needs to get earned,

I put the track on pause something needs to get burned,
My head will not turn,
I'm loyal to a hot firm,

Plus I'm extra pissed the D's just locked Termz,
Little dickhead youts don't they know I'm old-school?
I ain't hiding like you fam I'm local,

Dickheads are gassed up tryna amp their vocals,
Tone it down, me and my gun are anti-social,
Your man are so fool,

I'm just so cool,
Them man ain't gangsta nah they're just so called,
These little (*##$es are so small,

Drivin' the getaway whip and I won't stall,
Roll up and I won't talk,
Jump out, go nuts with the blow-torch,

Get caught fam, I won't talk,
Not even from a mad case that I won't walk.

[Hook: Giggs]

When I clap little brats best scat,

[Verse 2: Giggs]
Coming from deep in the jungle,

Hollowmans got heat but I'm humble,
^!$$%s say I don't speak I just mumble,
I don't need to speak teef got a gun fool,

You've been easily rumbled,
Then my suttin go brap, get a lungfull,
I'll even squeeze at your uncle,

Mother$#[email protected] won't bleed when they tumble,
You ain't heard %#@! from this ^!$$% yet,
How much more greazy can a ^!$$% get?

Pass me the weed and a cigarette,
^!$$%s go all nuts when I hit em nets,
Kyzer, yes one of my main men,

^!$$%s say I bad him up but they hatin',
And Hollowman doesn't rate them,
They sayin' dickheads then Kyze will blaze them,

I just give him the strap he's like amen,
Gave him the mac and he spray-spray-spray ten,
Take boys and make men,

Make noise in your fake ends,
Spray toys at your fraid fence,
^!$$%s don't like me but wanna make friends,

And that's the wave of a snake ends,
And that's the way that the game ends.


[Outro: Giggs' son]

Daddy? why don't you make any CD's for me man? Here you are, do something about this Disney cd man! Aaaahh

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa