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Giggs lyrics : "List Hello"

Hold tight the ladies on the next slow it right done
Yeah hollow...

Giggs-verse 1

They Aint got a girlfriend or something (haha)

They can't make tunes for the gyalem
Baby I'm looking a slice
When I am tricking it right gotta look in eyes (jheese)

No complains I aint looking to fight
Coz ur tight pum pum got me living lie
I aint into cocain and your #[email protected] aint fly (?)

You know it aint like that I will be chilling it nice
Don't be silly alright
Mantize is muslim and even he said your looking alright (haha)

Hot girl your looking july
Yea the rays of ur beauty
God should've put in the sky Ooh...

I had to bat up kyze still coz even he try to look on a sly UUMMM
Look how to greasy your body is
Precious artifact call me archaeologist

Show me what you are offering
I aint into losing anything
So I gotta win

(J Melo-Chorus)
Girl so love round good world (?)

You should know (you should know)
List hello is to ruin your soul (oh yea... ahhh)x2
Just wanna call you my own

Giggs verse-2

Bad day cought me with a bag full of grade
Anyone can tell you felt bad for me babes
Sat day I was like grab me a trey

And when we are chilling out I put badness away (jhesse)
Why? coz ur my princess
If youheard I had a shootout

You were impressed
But chill out everything blessed
And she got my meal out and my ting pressed UMM

Imma invest in your love zone general intressted
I know I am always in debt for keeping me in check
You know everything best (jhesse)

No telling my luck
I aint giving a $#[email protected]
Your iced out with delicate touch (shhh)

And you keep my intelligence up
And god knows I aint giving you up


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa