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Giggs lyrics : "Hustle On"

My ^!$$% Money...

I'm A Hustle Don, I don't hustle Wrong

I Just Buss Quick Shots And get My Shuffle On (yeaah! )
I Aint Hench But You Know I Keep My Muscle Strong
All My [email protected]^%s In the Trap Get Your Hustle On.

Hustle On x35
Get your Hustle On!

They Hustle On The Streets To Get The Right Pounds (Hustle On) x8

Giggs! (aahh)

Let Me Tell You Niggres Bout The Block Pattern (What Else?)

The Block Smashing, The Rock Bagging (Yes...)
And I aint Talking bout violence (Why?)
When I Say That A [email protected]^% Fling A Block At Him (haha)

I Give A $#[email protected] A About Trident
I See My Enemy Imma 4 5 Him!
Not Average Joe Grinding (Joe! )

Get The Chain Out [email protected]^%s That's Blinding! Hustle On! (jhheeze)
But Back To The Rock Slanging
My [email protected]^%s Bagging Up Food And The Cops Rang Him (yyeah)

Gotta Wait Coz A [email protected]^% From The Block Rang Him
They Call Me Basel Coz My Sh! t Is Block Banging (UUMMM! )
I am Getting Jumped In I'm Jumpy @@#!s Hanging

[email protected]^%s Hungry, A Launch Be A Rock Packing
I Remember When I Used To Wear Them Crazy Mush Patterns
I'm Bragging But My Blocks Cracking!

Hustle On The Streets To Get the right Pound Hustle on x8

Let Me Tell You Man Bout The Trap House
Wrap Up The Crack Round
Dash Out And Smash Out (yeaahh)

Back Out For Castle
Check Out The Crack House
Shot Cats The Same Place

Your Lap Back And Mash Out (UUMMM! )
Junkies Getting Cash Out (Cash Out...)
Hit West Get My Cash Out And Splash Out (Switch It! )

My [email protected]^%s Role Up With A Strap Out
Bare Black Gang What You Know Bout A Black Out? (Hustle On)
My [email protected]^%s Back Out And Slap Out (Yeah)

Submition Hole Makes You Give Up And Tab Out
I Get Violent And Lash Out
Excuse Me I Bring The Back round The Trap Now (Sorry Bout That)

From The Reboks Then Got The Max Out
From 10 Boxes The Raplh Boger And The Smash Out (jheez)
And [email protected]^%s Wrap The Lame The Hole Map Now

That's Why I Got The Pen And Contract Out (Hustle On)

They Hustle On The Streets To Get The Right Pounds (Hustle On) x8

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