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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Tooken Back"

(feat. Jacki-O)
["Take me back, take me back, take me back..." - sample repeated throughout song]

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, yo, yo, aiyo you brought me on Jerry just to take you back
After that bull%#@! you put me through a couple months back

That wasn't right, call the cops on me, and told them I had it like
"Yeah, pop the trunk, he got dope and guns"
Check for warrants, that son of a (*##$ on the run, I know

Three of his ^!$$%s got life, he use to roll with
And told 'em I bodied an upcoming basketball star
Once I heard that, I fell out the cop car, real hard

You bugged out, and thugged out, wanted me to take you back
That could never happen, I'm sorry
No disrespect, but you a psycho, honey

Got that S.S.I. money, and you start actin' funny
Shrimp's every night, ordering steaks
Them jumbo joints, them %#@!s cost a buck 50 for eight

And when you told me your Merlo, need more grapes
I said "Honey, you never had wine before!"
And if you did, that's not how you act at all

And no... that's not how we rock in Theodore

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah (Jacki-O)]

Please, babe, I love you
(Take me back, I'll never do it again)
Always want you

(You know that you my lover and my best friend)
Yes, darling, it's true
(Come on, home, where you belong, let's get it on)

Please, babe, I want you....


Back to them days, when the yay' was bein' frontin' to you
Hundred thousand dollar shopping sprees wasn't nothin' to you
When three was a crowd... but I dealt with it

And your sex wasn't wild.... but I dealt with it
I always felt %#@!ted, you should of take me back
The girl that introduced you to boy, and helped you open your stacks

I got you in South connects, for the hard grind
That's why I took mine off the top, for the hard time
You know you need me in the streets, to help you run things

And if you catch a case, you got it wrong, I'mma pawn rings
I'm your lady boo, that's what I'm suppose to do
I know when you was coppin' my Coupe, that you was coppin' two

I know when you got me the red one, that she got the blue
But the way I chew on you, you should of got me two
Now you got me in the kitchen, with your fryin' on

Tell me that you gon' move with me, I know you lyin', dog
Who loves you baby? Nobody like Jacki-O
Cook, clean, break up your weed, and I give you nasty throat

What you actin' for? Get back in the door
Come on, home, where you belong, let's get it on


[Ghostface Killah]

Yo, you know I always love you, I never meant to hurt you
Even the stress'll work you, I miss your old perfume
Promise never curse you, I want you in my circle

Honey right by my side where I keep my herbals
We both agree on no more fighting, we'll just have a verbal
The man'll treat you like a queen, I will bird you

Mother and father birthed you, if I have to hit you
Then damn, I might as well leave, cuz I don't deserve you
Watch from you face, when you sleep, let the heat disturb you

Fiendin' from the magic wand, when she 'nique and serve you
Take me please, take me with ease
Take me back, God damn, and scrape marks on my knees

'Member the first time you made my key
You was drunk, you went behind a tree and pee'd
I miss %#@! like that, and all of the times

We played cops, I'll arrest you in bed
Police brutality, I'll leave the side of your $$# red
God damn it, is sex for real girl? Girl, we in special ed

Uh-huh... $#[email protected] that, take me back, pretty please, with you on top


[Outro: Ghostface Killah]

Yeah, yo this goes for everybody all across the world
Whether you got fired or your lover dropped you and all that
Youknowhatimsayin? Everybody wanna get tooken back
Youknowhatimean? Don't be afraid to ask, if you wanna see--
Yo, take me back, $#[email protected] it, everybody wanna get tooken back and %#@!

This is your man, Big Ghost, your host, signing off and %#@!
Theodore, I understand

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