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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Three Bricks"

(feat. Notorious B.I.G., Raekwon)

[27 seconds of street noise to open the song then dialogue]

We run the city

[Notorious B.I.G.]

Today's agenda, got the suitcase up in the Sentra
Go to room 112, tell 'em Blanco sent ya
Feel the strangest, if no money exchanges

I got these kids in Ranges, to leave them ^!$$%z brainless
All they tote is stainless, you just remain as
calm as possible, make the deal go through

If not, here's 12 shots, we know how you do
Please make yo' killings clean, slugs up in between
they eyes, like "True Lies," kill 'em and flee the scene

Just bring back the [email protected]%!e or the cream
Or else, your life is on the shelf, we mean this Frank
Them cats we $#[email protected] with put bombs in your mom's gas tank

Let's get this money baby, they shady, we get shady
Dress up like ladies and burn 'em with dirty 380's
Then they come to kill our babies, that's all out

I got gats that blow the wall out, clear the mall out
$#[email protected] the fallout, word to Stretch I bet they #[email protected]
The seven digits push me, $#[email protected] real, here's the deal

I got a hundred bricks, fourteen-five apiece (uh-huh)
Enough to cop a six; buy the house on the beach (uh-huh)
Supply the peeps with Jeeps, brick apiece, capiche?

Everybody gettin cream no one considered them leech
Think about it now that's damn near one-point-five
I kill 'em all I'll be set for life, Frank pay attention

These mother$#[email protected] is henchmen, renegades
If you die they still get paid, extra probably
$#[email protected] a robbery, I'm the boss

Promise you won't rob 'em, I promise
But of course you know I had my fingers crossed

[Chorus: Raekwon]
^!$$%z got to die, if I go they got to go
^!$$%z got to die, let a hundred shots float

^!$$%z got to die, cause it's all up in the scrolls
Catch a body on the bridge, three bricks, live kid
... if I go they got to go

^!$$%z got to die, let a hundred shots float
^!$$%z got to die, cause it's all up in the scrolls
Catch a body on the bridge, three bricks, live kid

We up in the lab, two Spanish, one Arab lady

Layin on the bed, lookin like a drag
Had the pillow cuffed, lookin at me and Frank, her grill was rough
Who woulda ever think she'd rather do us up

But that's the business, back to the sitch
on these Puerto Rican kids with pistols
Doin sign language is twitchin noses

Ask 'em where the money at, yo where the [email protected]%!e at papi?
We can do this all day, yo y'all both whack
They pulled out, one of my dunn soldiers was wombed out

They snuck up on him, put the tool up in his mouth
Walked them up in crib, big move, but they grabbed the kid
Had the shotty on my beehive, my wig

And yo they took me to the bathroom, started up the chainsaw yo
You gon' talk or see your brains on the floor
That's when 6 to 7 masked men, came in blastin yo

All I heard was Frank Lexi get the raw


[Ghostface Killah]
Bleed just like us, believe my pipe bust

If he holdin the right amount of cheese I might rush the spot
Up early in the mornin, kick the door in, wave the 4 an'
($#[email protected]) the brawlin, cause Tony for the stallin

And all I see is $ signs, here's the bottom line either
Give up the product or get shot up with a brolic 9
Invest figures to address (^!$$%z)

Workin out, all I curl is my index finger
Got a safe that hold more notes than Cortex singers
My work is move trays, serve 'em up like gourmet dinners
When it comes to cuttin that ([email protected]%!e), who got the best trimmers
Edward Scissorhands them grams, (^!$$%z) respect winners

I got them big spenders comin through, hourly
Competition, we knock 'em out the box, powerfully
Still drop a ill verse, on the D.I., me
You might be gone, but the legacy is B.I.G., ^!$$%

Yo I think they tryin to do somethin man
I don't know what it is but we gon' go in there handle this business man
Straight up, y'knahmean?

It's goin down...
Let's go handle this man...

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