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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Theodore"

(feat. Trife, Twiz)
[Intro: Twiz (Ghostface Killah)]
Generals on deck, what's up, son?

(Yeah, yeah, yeah... come on!)
Salut this (Library %#@!)
(Rock the belt, uh-huh, you know what time it is)

They understand and support us
(I ain't goin' out) Theodore (Uh-huh!)

[Ghostface Killah]
Stark edition, rock Christian's

The crystalized rock got the big jury dealers on a mission
Slick taste of lace, I done smacked New York City
The four-fifty went poppin' when he tried to dip me

Balled out in bingo halls, reported skiied out in jury duty
Judge Judy, big groupie (*##$ blew me, Beigen rush Cuffies
Blast the last uzi, ship me to Africa, right? I share rubies

Due to the night up on my behalf
I threw the shotti in the glass so I could have a double bash
Duffle pass, couples, teamed with the knuckle clash, fast

Rain, hail, snow, sleet, still bust that $$#
Uppercut, bad, you in the grass slumped out and ya [email protected]$)got-ass man hauled $$#
Slammed body in the G-Y-M, G-Y-N'

Love Doctor in the hood, $#[email protected] (*##$es, all their friends
So, yo...

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah (sung)]
Party people, you're the reason we're here
Cuz we love the game and our music is projects

So, so, yo, hello! Makin' sure y'all still there
On stage here tonight be the almighty Theodore Click

Yeah! Yeah... yo!
I'm a little dude but I hold guns the size of Europe

Y'all ^!$$%s is sweet like pancakes with extra syrup
Whatever y'all put up, I double that
Stapleton is where I hustle at, 2-12 is where I bubble at

Yeah, I'm talkin' money-wise, you funny guys
I'm quick to yolk you up like eggs that's cooked sunny-side
Catch me at the honey hive, runnin' the strip

Gun on the hip, posted for hours, slingin' dope and power
Culture power, throwin' nitros, lettin' the pipes blow
Got remote control cars and they're not made by Tyco

This the Theodore, drunk off Smirnoff
Bit ya ear off, therefore, the drama is what I'm here for
From the block to the stage

I represent for those, locked in the cage
'Til I'm dropped in the graves, every line I spit, is like a, shot from the gauge
Move accordingly, even when I'm actin' disorderly

[Chorus - minus last 2 lines]

Who you wit?
See? See? Yo!

I'm a Don, dead form, look upon Ezekials
To the generals in my click, there'll be no sequels
Them hot ones'll crease, the vultures'll feast you

The loved ones will shiest you, gorillas will beast you
Just served fiends walkin' up the block yawnin'
Late night game, damn, forgot I got a warrant

Got in, laid down, then start snorin'
P-O kickin' ya door in, 4 in the mornin'
You blockin' my lane-lane like John Stockton

With the uttermost disrespect just like, Bernard Hopkins
Simply, it's PC within the verse
See we could be peoples later, in business, Money Comes First (First)


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