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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "The Faster Blade"

(feat. Raekwon)

(Yaknowhatimsayin'? You on the corners and %#@!. Ya know? Just gotta be on
something. Hands down %#@!. YaknowhatImean? Just keepin' ya eyes and ears open
at all times while we rhyme and shine. For my dedicated ^!$$%s who love this

%#@!. Doin' this like this. Word up. What's the phenomenon? Carry on Don.

[Verse One: Raekwon]

Ay yo, movin' on these ^!$$%s like they old soul, bro

You know how we go, we go shift 'em out like Paleco
Fine, proteges off top connectin' like a buildin'
Four dollar whylin' ^!$$%s buildin', savin' the children

Come on now, check out the view like a oceanfront
Slow motion in cunt, takin' what we want
You know a kid asiatic, holdin' power like a Craftmatic

You like your fish fried or battered, that day he ratted
Check out the movies from Guyana, just eatin' in Atlanta
Makin' some pirate moves out of Savannah

Yeah, rock them ^!$$%s like jewelry
Arabics movin' blow like aerobics
That's when his nose itch, yeah

That means it's all in effect
I'm hittin' you, I'm hittin' Buddha
Island Bermuda, send that twenty-shot Ruger

Continue to slam and mend you like a venue
Get all up in you, oh yeah your friend too, respect Wu
Yeah, keep the [email protected]$)got ^!$$%s watery

Rhyme for rich ^!$$%s who supported me, shorty #[email protected] extorted me
So it's a science now, RZA, cuttin' they pockets like scissors
Cindafella found him a Wally slipper

Splashin' ends in the glass Benz in Nevada
Flashin' gems, eight-and-a-half Tim state robber
All my life been on some foul %#@! besides kidnap a child %#@!

Get on some foul and proud %#@!
Cheatin' many Koreans bein' all that I can be an'
Put down on thirty keys an' get to fleein'

Light up a tree an'
Don't be breezin' like a blowdryer
Yo, you's a liar like Jeremiah gamin' on the flyer

Yo, but buryin' ^!$$%s is carryin'
Thug drug marryin', hittin' Marion off at the Clarion
All my Spanish ^!$$%s love us

We movin' like rush ya, bone crush ya
At the flick, stick to usher
Broke ^!$$%s, spot 'em like Cascade

in the street Masquerade
Faster Blade

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