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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Struggle (feat. Trife Da God)"

[Chorus: sample]
All my life, it's been one big struggle
Born and raised... in the slums of trouble, I'm all...

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, I was born and raise in New York City

The home of the Yankees, the Jam Master Jay's and the Biggie's
Ralph Icey's, Jet mags, cops surveillance, it's high tech
Our appearance is we still in the grind, and direct

But on my side of town %#@!'s gorilla, phone booths is broke
Behind the building ^!$$%z on post
What up Doc? What up Lord? I'm chilling

These mother$#[email protected] got my name and my face
Placed up in every building
You see what that do to the children, that ain't right

I've been raised in these projects, damn near, all my life
And these [email protected]$)gots wanna do this to me, I'ma lay low
And blow that cop, son, you watch, no lie, word to my momma, dunn

They don't want the drama, thunn, 'member me in '86?
Knocked out four cops, got knocked on the outer bridge
Bagged me with two clips, a fifth of Bacardi Dark

I spared them, cause all of them left with they body parts
I'm not crazy; I'm lulu, I will Larry Davis these spades
You spill a little blood on the NARC's Fubu

The Culture Pound'll go thru dude, and ricochet off his shoulder
Miss the teeth and hit his Lo Mein noodles
$#[email protected] it..


[Ghostface Killah]
I'ma tell ya mother$#[email protected] something, my struggle is real
Threw ketchup on my rice, cause there was no meat with the meal

My dog was better off alone, he ate when I ate, if not days later
Two weeks old cold %#@!, straight out the refrigerator
Ran away a few times, then boom, went to Dee and fried them

Prior to that, burning rulers, we was getting high in the Hill
So many cracks we done crushed up in dollar bills
It's a shame, didn't smoke once plain; don't pass me that

I had escaped that, then dust took over
Hit bags of red devil, bundels leaking, had put the hood in a coma
Hustling backwards and off balance, turkey and cheese hero's

And nutriments, kept a ^!$$% belly full
Fresh cut and fresh kicks, thinking it was cool, now I'm telling you
A grown man still in the struggle, vouch for my brothers too

And sisters, all across the globe, $#[email protected] the past
Fix the future, I'm sent here to spread the message, come on


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa