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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Strawberry"

(feat. Killa Sin, RZA)
"I want you, you've got me, something soothing" [x4]

[Killa Sin]
The $#[email protected]?
Yo, somebody sent their wolf pack and in clappin' rounds

Actin' like, what a way to play these clowns
Shady towns, guerillas tryin' to lay me down
Yo Lady Brown, I'll set it up, who give a $#[email protected]?

We vested up from head to gut, them ^!$$%s won't get the best of us
The talk to me, silently they stalk with me
Armed to the titles, should've seen me

And let us out of these sheets, believe 'em, leave 'em
Coughin' and bleedin', even barfin' and wheezin'
Son they called for a year at Oz and we gon' make it even

+Burning Season+, Lord, keep all prawn on the head, Lord
The more beef they bring Killa, the mark steak to grease off
One shot nearly took a cheek off, should've seen him leapin'

and dancin', had all intention to smack him and jack him like Jackie lease, son
Bloody Wu Dons, _Episode 1_, Wu weapons get spun
And those who gamble with them hammers'll surely step up to come

"Get over here woman!"

[Interlude: RZA]
Yo, ^!$$%, pass the motha$#[email protected]' velvety, ^!$$%
(No more motha$#[email protected]' velvety)

What the $#[email protected] is that? Grey Goose, ^!$$%?
(Yeah, yo)
Yo, where the $#[email protected] is Tony at, man?

He in the room right here?
(True, so chill son, chill son
He gettin' his dick sucked

A (*##$ suckin' his dick)
Not again, B (Damn, ^!$$%)
Yo, Tony! (Yo baby, chill, chill)

Yo, hold up (A (*##$ suckin' his dick)
Oh %#@!, son, she slurpin' and burpin'
($#[email protected] that) Listen, listen, listen, listen

(Oh %#@! he gettin' his dick sucked)

[Ghostface Killah]

Five and a half in Boys, $$# is off the hook
High school #[email protected], heard you got the best nookie
Sugar walls, watch and love, slide right on my dick

Gon' palm on ya $$# like this while you ridin' it
I'm about to### boo-boo, chill for a sec
Feel it at the tip, ma', ya #[email protected]'s too wet

One false move and I'ma blast like the very first time
Burnt you with candle wax fast while you was slobbin' mine
Dick is sensitive, you move, baby here it is

Oh Lord, that's what you look to move, you dumb broad
Comin' for days, wettin' ya cage
My dick is like the sprinklers and maybe ya dush, I'm here to save the day

Solomon was wise and I got fifty other (*##$es
Some eat (*##$es, some (*##$es $#[email protected] my ^!$$%s
Solomon was wise and I got fifty other (*##$es

Some eat (*##$es, some (*##$es $#[email protected] my ^!$$%s

"I want you, you've got me, something soothing" [x4]

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