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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Stay"

[Intro: sample (Ghostace Killah)]
Stay, a little longer (come here, ma, stay for a little while)
(I know you gotta go home soon, but)

I know you have to go home to him (time just flies everytime I get with you)

[Ghostface Killah]

Yo, boo, I want you to say, fall back
Put your slippers on, have a seat, give me your leg
I got the baby oil warmed up, Dreamgirls DVD

Stagger Lee swine, could you stay mine, pretty please?
I"m begging you, girl, but time fly since 2 o'clock, boom
I turn around it's like 12 on the dot

What am I to do? Your steeze got a live ^!$$% wanting you
Around the way girl, that's why I don't mind sporting you

[Interlude: sample (Ghostface Killah)
Someone who loves you, only half as much as I do
(He don't love you, he don't love like I love you, boo)

(He's not even close)

[Ghostface Killah]

Aiyo, he don't really love you like I do
Kiss your feet, make love to you, like I do
Wake you up, in the night tank and surprise you

Cross my heart, swear, put my hand on the bible
I'm not a cold blooded killa, baby, I cry to
The best thing for me is when I'm laying beside you

Turn you over, open up, get up inside you
He a woman beater, no doubt, and he lies too

[Interlude: sample (Ghostface Killah)]
Stay, a little longer (please, baby, just one last time)
I know you have to go home to him (I know you got to bring it out, though)

[Ghostface Killah]
When you leave I get aggy, I don't know how to act

The reality settle with a punch and a smack
When I know that you with him, you ain't calling me back
It be that thing down there, that got me way off track

[Interlude: sample (Ghostface Killah)]
Someone, who loves you (I'm telling you)

(His heart ain't even nowhere near it as mines be)
Only half as much as I do (come on, trust me on this)

[Ghostface Killah]
If it's like that, $#[email protected] that ^!$$%, he a clown
He don't know what he got, let that [email protected]$( suffer

I sent you roses, Donna Karen bags from Paris
He can't match my one, son, he'll be embarrased

[Interlude: sample (Ghostface Killah)]
Stay, a little longer (all I wanna do is take you out tonight)
(Go to clubs thats popping)

I know you have to go home to him (come on, let's go get our one-two on, come on)

[Ghostface Killah]

Aiyo, baby, don't leave, cuz the club is popping
We got grandma yay, plus the tunes is knocking
On the dance floor, I'm sweating my $$# off

Imagining us in deep lust, how you look with your pants off
My one-two step, your dress is so spun
And your neck smell good, look cute when you chewing your gum and

From the womb to the tomb, you're blessed with a killa walk
You don't have to give me none, it's ight, we'll talk

[Outro: sample]
Someone who loves you
Only half as much as I do

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