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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Slept on Tony"

Never under estimate Tony Stark

You done slept on Tony
"Tony Starks!" "Ironman!"

You done slept on Tony
"Yo, before that, I was getting it on"
You done slept on Tony

"Tony Starks!" "Ironman"
You done slept on Tony
"I was getting it, getting it, getting it on"

Yo, when they kidnapped your boy,
and forced me to do evil

I created an iron suit, to protect my people
Escaped, bound to be Ironman the great
The billionaire Tony Starks'll renew your fate

Built Stark Towers, throw the biggest events
Got liquid, armor, I can paint all dents
Keep a few bad chicks, I ain't your average hero

Movie premieres, catch me with the zam enginero
Six six eleven gold, playboy industrialist
Face of a ghost, mind of a technologist

Specialist, modern day speech slang therapist
Scecialize in weapons, I can blow off terrorists
So, so don't sleep big homey

Real recognize and I can see you phoneys
My weak heart can't take it, got a life long sentance
Boy genius grown up, and I fight with a vengeance


Yo, I got steel toe wallies when I glide on stage
And my heart gently weeps in an iron ribcage
Punctured by metals, replaced by elements

My enemies hunt it like a tusk on the elephant
Extraordinary, hiding my duel identities
Anthony Stark, call me Ton', the top pedigree

Multi-billionaire, military contractor
Crushing my opponents, with the strength of a compactor
Ex-factor, I turn liquids to metals

Water to wine, I turn dirt into rose petals
Greatest man walking, blow a bottle of Goose
Goldy plat iron armor, to Versace suits

I'm so elegant, scientifically intelligent
My lawyers won the case, I won't take the settlement
Money's irrelevant, I need heat to energize

We taking over the planet, Stark Enterprise


Once again, Tony Stark, infinite finesse

Stopped the planet, and destroyed
an indestructable track

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa