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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Six Degrees"

ft. Danny Brown

Dangerous thoughts, mind of a militia

Bottles of the 1-50 poured over twistas
Broken bones and pillars, Staten Island the illest
The biggest land fillers, we creep like caterpillars

Love razors, dirty guns with a few dead bodies
Teach ^!$$%s how to walk again from the $#[email protected] shotty
Sixth sense, six pack, six degrees of separation

My evil 3rd eye blinks with no hesitation
Dustbags, spoonfuls of sugar help the medi
Go down smooth and steady, blowing the green deadly

Hen we pops, isolated of hash bricks
Needle left stuck in his arm, died of a bad fix
We still rock, still dry drawers on the stove

Got bread from back in the days, itâ??s growing some mold
2Pacâ??s back, my Glockâ??s fat
After the gun smoke, you screaming, where my block at?

Both hands crusty, need a little lotion
That %#@! donâ??t matter when I mix the color ocean
Smoking on potent, goons bagging up in the living room

Blocking the flat screen while Iâ??m watching Juice
Move your big $$# head, my favorite partâ??s on
Q and the DJ battle, move or I scratch you

95 .. 95 on the coffee table
Got them selling dimes still shiny as a nickel
Pistol in designer pants, shoeboxes in bedrooms

Some got stacks but most discontinued
Whatâ??s on the menu? Eat a rapper like butternut squash
Bark on a ^!$$% with the blade out

Run up in your safehouse, how ironic
Knock a ring on a ^!$$% like somebody hit Sonic
Smoking on chronic feeling like Nostradamic

See dying in your future, ^!$$% I promise
Vomit colors seven series, TiVo the World Series
About to miss the game hitting sevens on the slot machine

Dice game, vice daughter, drunk driving in the Charger
With a big titty (*##$ looking like Takara
I donâ??t know what you know

But if you know what I know, you better get ghost â??fore I get Ghost
I donâ??t know what you know
But if you know how I know, you better get ghost â??fore I get Ghost

Hey what up son, they talking that money on the ground %#@!
U-P-S, Fedex, I deliver the pound %#@!
Raw dog, my hoodâ??s like crazy 80â?²s stamp bag

Stapleton ^!$$%s keep they guns in strip bags
Doo-rags and blue and red flags, we keep new tags
Skinny or big jeans, ^!$$%s they still sag

Brag about 2 chains, 4 chains, 6 chains
Spread eagle (*##$es in the crib giving brain
Still keep them cars crispier than printed money

And the champion gear that I rock? Will hide my face for me
Mask down, 3-57 and the box of shells
Seville dead-arm the kid in the stairwell

Stem cell, my ^!$$%s is scientific
We make crumbs and wax, the T-H-C is prolific
Fruitful, my Clan bundle cash like Pablo

Bank in the Caimans, stash-houses out in Cabo

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa