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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Shakey Dog Starring Lolita"

(feat. Raekwon)

[Ghostface Killah:]

I had my eyes squinched up tryin' to get through the fog
Pullin' up mad slow blunted, passin' police cars
I saw one two three bodies

Blood mixed with the rain ran through the gutter
That's the work of a tommy
But then I heard it was the work of a mami

Spanish chick bad, about five six, long hair, red Jag
Kinda bowlegged, Chanel sweatpants, she thick
She love her some #[email protected], don't really give a $#[email protected] about dick

That's when I got the call, yo Tone come to the shop
Some fire jumped, chill I'm about to pull in the lot
Lowered the tunes, pulled the Benz keys out the ignition

Brushed the ashes off my blazer then finished my Guinness
So then I walked in, seen the God shufflin' cards
Spades game, it's goin' down, he lost a couple of yards

Peace Lord, how your physical?


He upstate miserable
Stressed, doin' a thousand sets
But yo check the visuals

I'm at this hotel in Queens
Me and Charene getting' slow necked
That's live, I couldn't finish the bean

Gotta a phone call, seen the whole (*##$ face fall
Dope fiend look like the (*##$ swallowed an eight ball
They talkin' about killin' ya man's and them

That kid from Staten, his jewels is tough, his robes is satin
Yo that's my heart Tone; yea yea he killed the captain
What nationality ^!$$%? The kid was Latin

It happened uptown, broad day, right in Manhattan
I was shoppin' with my home girl, Leona with acne?
But you know what, Flaco meets Lolita

Flew in, she from Medayeen, he deaded her uncle over them seventeen bricks
^!$$%s ain't slick, ^!$$%s is dicks
Y'all got beef for life now cause that (*##$ is a trick

[Ghostface Killah:]
Ay yo $#[email protected] that, close the gate

And lower the shade

Then a shot popped off

[Ghostface Killah:]

Hit lil' bro in his fade
And then I see him dropped his clippers

He dipped with the quickness
It was Lolita black down yo

[Ghostface Killah:]
With four other (*##$es

He had a nasty hammer, fat $$#


Her tits was bananas
Yo the clip was ninety shot

[Ghostface Killah:]
She lit up the cameras
So then I bugged out, ran up the steps

Yo I got hit in the leg

[Ghostface Killah:]
He shot back, hit one (*##$ in her breast

Under the pinball game aimin'


It's foggy and rainin'

[Ghostface Killah:]
My jewels is clangin'

Yo Tone tuck your chain in
She shootin' like she wanted a payment
Throwin' bullets like Joe Nameth, yellin'

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yo it's all entertainment
Where y'all girls at? Where ya'll [email protected]#( at?
Thought y'all bang on Gaten Island?
I killed three things on Staten Island

[Guns firing]
Take that!
You $#[email protected]' with me huh? !
That's all you got babyyyyyy?

Hold that! Mother$#[email protected]!
Yea! You on Staten Island now ^!$$%!

[Ghostface Killah:]
Now where the $#[email protected] is your brain at now ho?
You $#[email protected]' with me, brains is all over the wall like Velcro

I $#[email protected] your #[email protected] while you die slow
Wake up! You @@#! suckin' $$# maricon

That's what you get for killin' Frankie

[Police loudspeaker]
Tony Starks, Tony Starks drop you weapons now

Put your weapons down or we will shoot

Ay yo Rae I got this
I ain't surrenderin', they gon hang me
You know what it do, yo I love you
Say peace to my kids, say peace to my wiz
I ain't goin' to jail

$#[email protected] it's on G, let's get... !#@* Y'ALL !#$%S!

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